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Duct services - Duct Cleaning

Haven Air Conditioning is your premier choice for advanced duct cleaning and IAQ solutions throughout Orange County.

Professional duct cleaning, not to be confused with the $89 ads, requires extensive knowledge of HVAC design, content protection expertise, a dedicated team and a C-20 license if mechanical equipment is to be included in the cleaning/restoration.

What makes Haven Air Conditioning the Duct Cleaning Pros in Orange County:

  • 20+ Years’ experience with 5000+ completed projects
  • A commitment to the highest standards in the industry (NADCA)
  • Uniformed & background checked technicians
  • Proven record of resolving duct restoration projects

We have completed thousands of duct cleaning & mold remediation projects as well as other IAQ improvement projects and can professionally advise you on the best solution for your specific situation!
Duct cleaning has very specific applications and it is often misunderstood as a fix for poor IAQ.

By itself (or at all), it will most likely not be the answer to improve the indoor air quality of your home. There are however excellent solutions that will render immediate & quantifiable results to make your home’s indoor air quality healthier and safer for you and your family.

About Haven Air conditioning​

Look no further for Orange County’s best residential heating & air conditioning company. We install, service, repair & maintain all types and brands of modern heating & air conditioning systems. Haven Air conditioning delivers an unmatched client experience that sets us apart from the competition! Call us today and find out for yourself why people rave about Haven Air Conditioning!

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If your ducts contain asbestos, they cannot be cleaned.  There is a risk that the asbestos will be agitated and become airborne in your home.  If the asbestos ducts pose an IAQ problem (40years of dust build up etc.) then they need to be professionally removed (abated) and a new duct system will be installed.

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It depends! If there is no visible mold in the duct system or, in other words, duct cleaning is required due to a larger mold remediation project in the home (mechanical system excluded), then we should be able to effectively clean and sanitize the air duct system and achieve the required mold clearance tests.

On the other hand, if your ducts contain mold due to improper HVAC system design or visible mold has spread into your ducts from a system running ‘wet’, then the ducts should not be cleaned but rather be replaced.

Flex-duct systems contain very tight crevasses and spaces that cleaning tools and sanitizers often cannot penetrate effectively, which makes it near impossible to achieve positive clearance tests depending on the level of contamination.

Mold in your HVAC system is usually a sign of other deficiencies which need to be addressed to resolve the problem.

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In some cases, duct cleaning can make a difference. Often a dusty house is resulting from poor ventilation, air infiltration/exfiltration and inadequate air filtration of your central HVAC system.  In those cases, duct cleaning alone will not resolve the IAQ problem. You can trust our professionals at Haven Air Conditioning to guide you to a successful outcome and breathe healthy again!

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If the existing ducts are over 20 years old, duct replacement and adding a MERV 16 hospital grade air filtration system will render the best improvement to your indoor air quality.

Haven Air conditioning can determine the best solution for your IAQ problems.

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  • At the end of a remodel project when the HVAC system was in use during construction.
  • Brand new homes – Sounds strange right? But consider that builders do generally not seal the air ducts during construction and heavy amounts of construction debris and drywall dust can enter the air ducts and contaminate the mechanical equipment and other components. This can lead to a poor IAQ and a badly performing HVAC system. The dust can also lead to mold as it provides the required foo source for mold growth.

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