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Duct services - Duct Repair

Expert Duct Repair Service In Orange County

Haven Air conditioning has air duct experts standing by to assess your situation and help guide you toward a successful solution to your problem!

Air duct repairs can greatly improve comfort, health and save you money!

Did you know?

  • Not all air duct systems need to be replaced. Often, simple repairs can greatly improve your comfort and help reduce your energy usage, saving you money!
  • Leaky air ducts in Southern California are a major source of wasted energy. On average 30%-45% of energy is wasted by leaky air ducts.
  • Leaky air ducts attract rodents and other pests.

Here are some of the professional air duct services we provide

  • Duct Assessment – We can pressure test your duct system and determine how much energy is being wasted
  • Seal Leaky Air Ducts – We can seal leaky air ducts and improve system performance
  • Repair/Replace Damaged Ducts – Repairing damaged ducts can greatly improve comfort in rooms that were previously a lot hotter/colder than other rooms
  • Add Additional Ducts – Sometimes the existing duct to a room is just not enough to make the home/room comfortable. We can add additional ducts to improve performance of your system
  • Air Flow Balance Dampers – Adding air flow dampers can remove hot/cold spots in the home
  • Free Consultation to Homeowners

Haven Air Conditioning offers a free complimentary consultation service. There is no need to guess what’s going on with your air ducts or why the home is not comfortable! Call us today and you will get the expert advice you need to resolve your problem.

About Haven Air conditioning​

Look no further for Orange County’s best residential heating & air conditioning company. We install, service, repair & maintain all types and brands of modern heating & air conditioning systems. Haven Air conditioning delivers an unmatched client experience that sets us apart from the competition! Call us today and find out for yourself why people rave about Haven Air Conditioning!

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Interested in
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Leaky air ducts waste a lot of energy and make homes uncomfortable. Schedule an Appointment

Very much like our veins and arteries, a duct system acts like a conveyor system that supplies and returns the conditioned air to make your home comfortable.

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  • Ducts that are undersized can not move enough conditioned air to make the home comfortable and waste a tremendous amount of energy by forcing the air conditioner and furnace to run longer.
  • Ducts that are oversized create temperature imbalances in homes causing the home to be uncomfortable.

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The service life of an air duct system is about 15 years as long as no other deficiencies exist that could cause premature failure or performance issues.

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  • For attic & in-wall installations R-8 Flex duct is usually the best choice.
  • For subfloor and other climate exposed applications we prefer to use hard-duct or semi-rigid ducts.

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Unfortunately, once rodents enter into flex type air ducts they can not be repaired and need to be replaced. Here are the reasons:

  • Rodents carry viruses that when released into the airflow, can spread through your home and make the occupants sick.
  • Flex duct has crevices that can not be cleaned or sanitized effectively.

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One way to tell if rodents have penetrated the inner core of a flex duct system is by checking to see if any of the duct insulation is stuck behind the supply registers. The insulation is usually pink or white and very noticeable behind the vent cover.

If you suspect rodent damage stop using your HVAC system until we can assess it. You need to  avoid getting exposed to possible viruses and fiberglass particles that can damage the lungs.

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