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The problem: Our client had his air conditioner for over 30 years old. It did not work properly and was very noisy both inside and outside of the house.  The goal was to reduce HVAC system noise, increase its efficiency & performance, use equipment of a reliable brand, and address the lack of overall airflow in the guest bedroom – upstairs.



Project Challenges:

  • The equipment platform in the garage did not have enough height to ensure proper access to the new HVAC system.
  • The air return pop-out on the left of the platform was not big enough to allow adequate return airflow to the system.
  • The platform had to be re-engineered to allow for sufficient return airflow and gain the extra height needed to install the new system.
  • Operation sound had to be reduced with a Lennox Signature Line soft-starting furnace, lining the new return air space with sound-absorbing insulation, and installing a variable capacity (soft starting) air conditioning unit.



The Results:

  • Energy efficient (20 SEER) new variable capacity system with greatly reduced operation sound.
  • Greatly improved temperature/humidity control and overall performance.
  • Beautifully re-engineered equipment platform to improve durability and airflow efficiency.
  • Air flow issues were resolved by re-designing (and upsizing) the air duct system.
  • The client is very happy with the outcome. Click HERE to read the client review of the installation.

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A local HVAC company with a stellar reputation throughout Southern California. Free estimates for homeowners!