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A/C, Heating & Air Duct System Replacement (plus, system redesign) in North Tustin, Orange County

The problem: The client had just purchased a new home and had to deal with several HVAC problems.

  • Asbestos ducts – Needed all hazardous materials removed & replaced.
  • Rodent damage & infestation – The new mechanical system had to be safe. 
  • Extreme temperature differences between the floors – The new system needed to be able to control the temperatures between the floors effectively.



Project Challenges

  • The equipment platform in the attic was deteriorating and the service platform did not meet local building code requirements.
  • The existing condensate lines were not routed correctly.
  • The attic light did not have a switch at the access and overall lighting was poor.
  • All existing components had to be replaced due to the poor workmanship of the installation, even though that was not an original installation.
  • The refrigerant lines were incorrectly sized for the new a/c unit.
  • Complete duct redesign was required for the zoning application.



The Results

  • Energy efficient (19 SEER) new variable capacity system with greatly reduced operation sound. 
  • 2 Zone – Zoning system was installed.
  • Greatly improved temperature/humidity control and overall performance.  
  • Beautifully re-engineered equipment platform to improve durability and safe service access to equipment.  
  • Air flow issues were resolved by re-designing the air duct system and adding several new air supply ducts.
  • A new air return duct system was installed. 
  • Hospital grade Lennox Pure Air air purification system was added to help improve IAQ and eliminate the need for equipment & duct cleaning.

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A local HVAC company with a stellar reputation throughout Southern California. Free estimates for homeowners!