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A/C, Heating & Air Duct System Replacement (plus, system redesign) in La Mirada, LA County

The problem: The existing A/C unit caused the building to vibrate and was very loud inside the home. The system did not cool the home properly and the client had to use several other air conditioners to supplement cooling in each room. As such, he new system had to:

  • Run silent
  • Be energy efficient 
  • Cool the home adequately

Project Challenges

  • There were detached spaces (sun-room & back office) that had to be integrated in one mechanical system.
  • The existing system was on the roof, but we needed to ensure that no vibrations were transferred into the living space and the city had limitations regarding rooftop installations.
  • The attic was too small for the new mechanical system and we had to find an alternate location for the indoor air handler.
  • It was not possible to install ducts to the detached spaces.
  • The existing electrical lines were not adequate for the new installation.

The Results

  • Energy efficient (19 SEER) new variable capacity heat pump system with greatly reduced operation sound. 
  • The new heat pump could take advantage of the existing solar panels.
  • The new heat pump outdoor unit was installed in the side yard which was not a problem due to the low-profile design of the heat pump.
  • We repurposed a coat closet for the new indoor fan coil.
  • Greatly improved temperature/humidity control and overall performance with the new variable capacity equipment.  
  • Beautifully designed equipment platform to improve durability and safe service access to equipment.  
  • Air flow issues were resolved by re-designing the air duct system and adding several new air supply ducts.
  • Hospital grade MERV 16 air filtration system was added (standard with all complete installations) to help improve IAQ and eliminate the need for equipment & duct cleaning.
  • High wall units are connected to the same outdoor unit as the main indoor fan coil, hence, eliminating the need for additional outdoor units.

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A local HVAC company with a stellar reputation throughout Southern California. Free estimates for homeowners!