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Air Conditioning, Heating & Air Duct system Replacement (included system redesign)

Air Conditioning,
Heating & Air Duct
system Replacement
(included system redesign)

Client concerns and goals that we had to meet
Existing Air conditioner 30 years old, highly inefficient (extremely high energy bills in the summer), and very noisy both outside and inside.  Goal was to reduce HVAC system noise, increase efficiency, increase performance, and do it with a reliable brand.  Additional goal was to address air flow problems to the master bedroom and home office.


Project Challenges
  • The equipment platform in the attic was deteriorating and the service platform did not meet local building code requirements.
  • The existing condensate lines were too small
  • The attic light did not have a switch at the access and overall lighting was poor
  • The existing air return was in a unsealed wall cavity and had to be removed
  • The refrigerant lines were incorrectly sized for the new a/c unit

Project Result

  • Energy efficient (19 SEER) new variable capacity system with greatly reduced operation sound.
  • The a/c unit was matched with a commercial grade high efficiency evaporator.
  • Greatly improved temperature/humidity control and overall performance.
  • Beautifully re-engineered equipment platform to improve durability and safe service access to equipment.
  • Airflow issues were resolved by re-designing the air duct system and adding several new air supply ducts.
  • A new air return duct system was installed.
  • Hospital-grade MERV 16 air filtration system was added (standard with all complete installations) to help improve IAQ as well as eliminate the need for equipment & duct cleaning.


  • Category Complete HVAC Replacement & System
  • Date  10/15/2021
  • Location  North Tustin, Orange County
  • Tags  Heating, Cooling, Air Ducts, Equipment
    Platform Rebuild