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Haven Air Conditioning – The HVAC Zoning Specialists in Orange County

We are all working from home – Hurray!
Parents, kids, grandparents and let’s not forget the pets Everybody is at home, but often only one family member is comfortable. Can you guess who? Yes, he who controls the thermostat may be the only comfortable person in the home.

HVAC Zoning can solve many comfort problems
HVAC multi-zone comfort systems allow for precise temperature control in different areas (zones) of your home. Every HVAC zone has its own thermostat that allows for individual temperature settings. In addition, virtually all modern HVAC zoning systems utilize ‘smart’ controls that allow for remote management of your HVAC system.

There are additional benefits of having a Haven air conditioning install a HVAC zoning system in your home or business. Energy Savings – Modern HVAC zoning systems can save an additional 30% with reduced energy consumption.


Why is that? There are two main reasons for the additional energy savings

  • Modern HVAC zoning utilizes variable capacity equipment, which means, that the HVAC system can save you money by heating or cooling only the areas of your home that are used at any given time.
  • Variable capacity systems are the most energy efficient systems available.

The benefit of increased productivity – Sounds strange right? We did not use to worry much about productivity as it relates to our homes, but with working, and school from home that has all changed. Being able to keep temperatures in our homes below 76 degrees has a big impact on overall productivity as most of us do not perform well in uncomfortable warm/cold spaces.

Can there be downsides to HVAC zoning?

Yes, there can be, as it is with most things that make life more enjoyable and comfortable, variable capacity multi-zone HVAC systems will require a bigger upfront investment. The variable capacity equipment, the zoning dampers, the zoning control board, a duct system that is designed for zoning and additional thermostats add to the initial investment. We must keep in mind though that the added efficiency and the savings from not overcooling areas of our homes, the overall cost will fall back in line with a standard efficiency system over the service life of the equipment while we can enjoy next level precise comfort.

HVAC zoning may be the answer for you

If you experience a lot of uncomfortable days in your home and the jump to zoning is within budget, a HVAC multi-zone system may be the answer to your comfort problems!
Truth: We have never had a client that regretted upgrading to a zoning system.

Ready to replace or add a HVAC zoning system?

With over a hundred completed HVAC zoning projects over the last 10 years, and an impeccable reputation, Haven Air Conditioning is your best choice for quality air conditioning and heating services in Orange County. Our central HVAC zoning system installations are unmatched and backed up with extensive, warranties to protect your investment.

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Interested in our services?

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HVAC zoning should be considered when:

  • precise temperatures are required in different parts of the home
  • some areas of the home are not able to cool/heat to the desired temperature
  • there are unused rooms in the home which do not need to be cooled or heated
  • the home experiences ‘inadequate exposure’, meaning the sun causes uneven heat gain in some areas of the home preventing the home from being comfortable
  • energy consumption is excessive
  • a sophisticated comfort system is a must and not a want

Typically, 2-3 zones will be adequate and resolve most comfort issues.

The initial investment as part of a complete mechanical system replacement will add about 25%-35% to the project. Over the service live of the equipment this added expense will be recovered in energy savings (depending on usage patterns). Let’s take my house as an example to clarify this: I have 6 zones of which 3 are in rooms that my kids used to live in and are therefore usually not used much. The remaining 3 zones are the common areas, the master bedroom and the tv area. These 3 zones maintain the scheduled temperatures 24/7 without my interaction at all. My comfort is perfect, and my energy bill is greatly reduced. Also note that at nighttime we only cool/heat the master bedroom. Now, on the other hand, if you barely use you HVAC system you will be able to enjoy near perfect comfort, but you will most likely not recover the added investment from HVAC zoning.

Properly designed installed zoning systems are highly reliable and require minimal maintenance.  The key here is ‘properly designed & installed’!

Usually, at minimum a new air duct system is required which is specifically designed for individual HVAC zones. The mechanical equipment also needs to be compatible with the added zoning components.

California Title 24 regulations need to be considered as well, as there are special rules that must be followed to be compliant with the law.

Any service provider can (and often will), but most should not. I am not kidding about this, I can fill a book with failed zoning system installations that we have encountered in the field, which resulted in equipment damage and overall deficient performance of the system.

Zoning systems require special training in duct design and equipment matching which most Comfort Advisors do not possess. For every good zoning system installation, there are ten bad ones.