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Heating services - Thermostat Installations

Wi-Fi/Smart & Basic Thermostats

We help Orange County Homeowners Save Money!
Saving money & improving your home comfort has never been easier!
Confused about all the available thermostat options available?

Haven Air Conditioning can assist you with choosing the Wi-Fi thermostat that fits your home & comfort system best. We save you time & money by completing the thermostat selection process prior to the installation appointment. Only one visit is required to complete the installation, and you are ready to enjoy your new thermostat.

Did you know?

  • Smart thermostats can save you money on your energy bills
  • Smart thermostats can automatically adjust the temperature depending on whether you are at home, sleeping or away.
  • Smart thermostats can analyze your heating and cooling patterns for energy-saving opportunities.
  • Smart thermostats can let you create temperature zones that can be independently controlled or averaged for better comfort.
  • Smart thermostats can let you control your HVAC comfort system remotely
    And much more…

Here are some of the most popular Smart & Wi-Fi thermostats for you to consider

  • Honeywell T9/T10
  • Ecobee 3
  • Google NEST Learning Thermostat
  • Sensi-Touch

At Haven Air Conditioning, we understand that, while technology can make our lives more comfortable and save energy, it can also complicate things when we would rather ‘just keep things simple’. In addition, all smart/wi-fi thermostats require internet access and accounts that must be setup to use the smart /Wi-Fi features. Call us today and we will help you select a thermostat that suits your needs.
All thermostats need to be professionally installed to avoid costly installation errors and ensure that the new thermostat is properly configured for the type of HVAC system you have. Call the experts at Haven Air conditioning and ensure the success of your thermostat installation!

About Haven Air conditioning​

Look no further for Orange County’s best residential heating & air conditioning company. We install, service, repair & maintain all types and brands of modern heating & air conditioning systems.  Haven Air conditioning delivers an unmatched client experience that sets us apart from the competition! Call us today and find out for yourself why people rave about Haven Air Conditioning!

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Try the following steps:
– Reset the power (unplug it for 30 sec.) to your indoor unit (furnace/air handler)
– If your indoor unit is in the attic or other location you can not access then find the breaker in your electrical panel that is labeled FAU and turn it off for 30 sec.
– If you can not reset the power to the indoor unit, carefully remove the display from the wall and wait 30 sec. before reattaching (careful here: if the base was not properly secured with drywall anchors, you run the risk of pulling the entire back plate of the wall)
If you can not resolve the problem give us a call for further assistance.

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No, they are not! There are many system specific thermostats (branded) that can not be interchanged with 3rd party thermostats.  The best way to make sure that your new thermostat is compatible with your HVAC system is to give us a call and we will advise you at no charge.

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Yes, most wi-fi thermostats will function without being connected to the internet.  However there are some (Google NEST for example) that require an internet connection for initial configuration.

Call us and we can advise you.

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Some of the advantages of a smart thermostat are:

  • Ability to learn a household’s patterns and adjust heating and cooling according to when a home is occupied or is about to be occupied. This reduces the use of heating and cooling systems when nobody is home for significant periods of time.
  • Modern design integrates better with most home decor.

Most NEST thermostats will function like a traditional thermostat and you can control your HVAC equipment, although in a cumbersome fashion, directly from the thermostat. Call us for more information.

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  • The thermostat is set for heat but nothing happens – If the thermostat is battery powered, make sure they are still good – Verify that there is power to the furnace – Confirm that the furnace door is fastened properlyCall us for service if the above does not resolve the problem.
  • The furnace clicks but the burners will not come on – there is a problem with the ignition system – Turn the appliance off and call us for service.
  • The burners come on for a while but the blower motor does not – This indicates that either the blower motor, the main control board blower relay or a safety has failed/opened – Turn the appliance off and call us for service.

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