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Cooling & air condition services - AC installation

AC Installation

The next generation air conditioners are here and with their arrival new levels of comfort and efficiency can be achieved! With the introduction of the high efficiency inverter technology air conditioners, the game has changed. Here are some of the key improvements & benefits of these new air conditioners:

  • Ultra High Efficiency – 20+ SEER
  • Perfect Solar Match – Due to the high efficiency performance of these air conditioners the solar requirement is reduced.
  • Near Silent Operation – Only inverter technology can deliver this low noise operation.
  • Superior Humidity removal – These new air conditioners can remove up to 300% more humidity vs. a traditional single stage ac unit.
  • Perfect For Zoning Applications – Inverter technology allows for perfect zoning integrations and maximum energy efficiency.
  • Low Cost Options – You would be surprised at how affordable these new a/c units can be.
  • Great 0%APR Interest Payment Plans

For more information on these new air conditioners call the Haven Team today!

Are you looking to replace a more traditional air conditioning system? Then look no further! At Haven Air Conditioning we have air conditioners for all types of installations and budgets!

  • Single Stage Air Conditioners – The workhorses of the industry.
  • Builder Series Units – Perfect for tenants & other investment properties.
  • Many Different Sizes – We have units that fit most spaces.
  • Emergency Replacement Service
  • Low Monthly Payment Options

When looking for an ac installation near me? Haven Air Conditioning is the right team to partner with!
Haven Air Conditioning ensures quality installations! We add great labor warranties that exceed the manufacturer parts warranty and the project will be completed right, the first time, everytime!
All our installations include a 3 year ‘bumper to bumper’ 100% protection labor warranty (HIG) in addition to the manufacturer parts warranty. That’s right! No matter what happens, your investment is completely protected.

The Haven Investment Guarantee - HIG

Only at Haven Air Conditioning is this 100% complete protection package included with all comfort system installations (The HIG can be extended for up to 10 years).

We design your air conditioning system based on our clients personal comfort goals and preferences! System flexibility and a custom design is part of the Haven experience!

About Haven Air conditioning​

Look no further for Orange County’s best residential heating & air conditioning company. We install, service, repair & maintain all types and brands of modern heating & air conditioning systems.  Haven Air conditioning delivers an unmatched client experience that sets us apart from the competition! Call us today and find out for yourself why people rave about Haven Air Conditioning!

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Interested in our services?

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Yes – We offer multiple investment options & payment plans for your purchase. The offers range from 0%APR up to 25 months to low APR up to 120 months.  In addition, manufacturer sponsored, special long term 0% APR plans become available on certain equipment lines. 

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Yes – All HVAC installations (replacement or original) in California require city permits and HERS verification.

  • Unpermitted work can interfere with homeowners insurance, and often home insurance will not cover work that is unpermitted.

Haven Air conditioning will handle the permitting and Title 24 HERS process for you.

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Depending on the complexity of the overall project, replacing an a/c unit usually takes less than a day. On the other hand, installing an original central HVAC comfort system can take between 2-4 days.

Since we do not replace HVAC systems very often (about every 15-20 years), it may make sense to invest a little more at the outset of the project to ensure that the new mechanical system will perform efficiently and meet most (if not all) your comfort goals. Keep in mind that electricity costs are constantly going up, along with our need for better comfort. When replacing a comfort system as a whole we have an opportunity to get this right!

Here is a good quote from Benjamin Franklin:

“The bitterness of poor quality long remains after the sweetness of a cheap price has been forgotten”

Call Haven Air conditioning to get more information on what system is best suited for your home.

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No, In fact our industry is ‘plagued’ by an ‘it will do’ approach.  Haven Air conditioning was born from the premise that there is a better way. 

Haven’s brand promise is to passionately deliver innovative comfort solutions and to consistently exceed expectations.

Haven’s competitive advantage is based on the quality of the products, customer service and workmanship it offers. High level project management, communication, responsiveness, and thoughtfulness are essential to provide top quality and a second-to-none customer experience. It is backed by a best-in-industry warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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There is not an easy answer as it depends on the overall complexity of the project. The low prices we see quoted on advertisements often included only ‘bare bone’ installations. When adding in the additionally required components and permitting etc. the prices start to look different.

To give you an idea (SoCal Market) a basic a/c replacement (standard efficiency) will typically require a $6500-$8500 investment (including the city & HERS fees).

All installations are unique and require a site visit as well as a ‘comfort assessment’ in order to provide an accurate proposal.

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