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Commercial hvac - Commercial AC Repair

Commercial A/C Repair In Orange County

We don’t have to tell you how frustrating it can be when the a/c system at your business goes down and your employees feel uncomfortable and you lose productivity.

Call Haven Air conditioning now to get the commercial a/c repair experts onsite that can help you get things back to normal!

We offer

  • Reliable service
  • Expert resolution of your problem
  • Fair up-front pricing (no surprises)
  • Low diagnostic fees

If you want to modernize your HVAC system, we can show you how our new high efficiency & VRF equipment lines can save you thousands in unwasted energy while raising the comfort & productivity of your employees to new levels.

What we can do for you

  • Quality A/C Repairs Near Me – Call Haven Air Conditioning now!
  • HVAC Maintenance Programs – Annual, bi-annual & quarterly service.
  • IAQ Maintenance Service – We can track your IAQ maintenance schedule so you can track your business
  • Rapid Response Services – Our maintenance clients enjoy rapid response emergency service
  • IAQ Assessment & Implantation of Advanced Air Filtration Systems
  • Mechanical Replacement Service – Package units etc.
  • HVAC System Modernisation
  • VRF Systems – Every office can set their preferred temperature. No more wasted energy in offices that are unused.
  • HVAC Assessment – We can pressure test your duct system and determine how much energy is being wasted.
  • Repair/Replace Damaged Ducts – Repairing damaged ducts can greatly improve comfort & increase performance & efficiency.
  • Air Distribution System – Sometimes the existing duct layout is not sufficient or the floor plan has changed. We can make the required duct changes to maximize comfort in your office spaces.
  • Air Flow Balance – Adding air flow dampers can remove hot/cold spots in the building and get your employees comfortable.
  • Low-Cost Existing Equipment Troubleshooting

About Haven Air conditioning​

Look no further for Orange County’s best residential heating & air conditioning company. We install, service, repair & maintain all types and brands of modern heating & air conditioning systems. Haven Air conditioning delivers an unmatched client experience that sets us apart from the competition! Call us today and find out for yourself why people rave about Haven Air Conditioning!

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Interested in our services?

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Click here to leave us
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Some common ac repairs are:

  • Start/run components (capacitors)
  • Outdoor fan motors
  • Contactors
  • Maintenance services like cleaning etc.

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Unfortunately this will completely depend on the type of failure of your a/c unit.

A/C repair prices of under $500 would be accurate for most failures and associated repairs.

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There are several odors and smells that can emit from an air conditioning system.  In order to pinpoint the exact cause we will have to assess the condition. We have an extensive background in HVAC IAQ and can help you resolve your odor problem.

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A clean ac unit will perform better, use less energy and last longer.  At Haven Air Conditioning, we include washing your outdoor unit with your annual maintenance. Call our FrontDesk to inquire about our Core & Care membership programs and the many additional benefits they have! Schedule an Appointment

There are different types of cleaners available, but we would like to caution you here.  It would be best for you to leave the condenser cleaning to professionals.  Virtually all coil cleaners can be harmful if not properly applied and rinsed. The landscaping surrounding the ac unit must be considered as well.

If no service provider is available to perform the cleaning in a timely manner, consider just plain water applied with an adjustable nozzle gun. Avoid bending the ‘fins’ with too much water pressure and prevent damage to electrical components by avoiding getting them wet.

Call our FrontDesk to inquire about our Core & Care membership programs and the many additional benefits they have!

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  • Make sure that nothing is obstructing the A/C units air intakes around its sides, and air discharge off the top. Performance is severely impacted by blocked intakes around the sides and premature equipment failure is likely.

Use this guideline but note that some models may require larger setbacks to obstructions (refer to your owners/installation manual):

Side A (to building):          min.  6”

Side B (to one side):        min. 12”

Side C (service side):      min. 24”

Side D (remaining side): min. 24”

  • Air filter maintenance – Make sure that the furnace filter is replaced per the manufacturer requirements. That means that your typical 1” filters need to be replaced every 3 months and your thicker IAQ filters between 3 months and a year. You can call our FrontDesk for more information on your specific filter.

Note that ALL Haven Installations include a hospital grade MERV16 Air Filtration System that requires an annual filter replacement.

  • Make sure that no lawn sprinklers directly hit your ac unit.
  • Pay attention to any abnormal sounds during operation. Turn the unit off if it does not sound right to you!
  • If your system is installed in the attic make sure that there is no water in the secondary protection pan.

Call Us for a more comprehensive maintenance service any additional questions we can answer for you.

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  • Compressor is starting, but outdoor fan will not start – This could indicate a failed motor or failed start/run component – Turn the unit off and call for service.
  • The outdoor unit is making a clicking sound but nothing is happening – There may be a tripped breaker and/or a failed fuse in the service disconnect – You can try resetting the breaker, but the unit will likely require service.
  • AC trips breaker repeatedly – Turn unit off and call for service
  • After the ac unit runs for a while not much air comes from the vents – There is most likely a low refrigerant condition that is causing the evaporator to ice up and thereby block airflow – Turn the unit off and call for service
  • Water is running down my furnace during a/c operation – There is either a condensate backup or a failed primary condensate pan – This situation is serious as it can lead to mold growth and significant property damage if not addressed immediately – Turn the system off and call for service (You may to chose to run the system in fan mode to help dry the system up)
  • My filter is super dirty and I can not get a new one today. What should I do? – It is safe to temporarily run the system without a filter if you are in a bind, but don’t forget to replace the filter at your earliest convenience.
  • My furnace is up in the attic, and when I run the a/c water is leaking from the ceiling – Turn the system off now! – There is a condensate leak that has to be assessed and repaired before the system can be used again.
  • When I run my ac system water is coming out of a little pipe up on a wall on the outside of my house – This indicates that the primary drain or drain pan has failed and the emergency drain has become active – You can run the system, but need to call us so we can assess the primary problem.

Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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